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Places of intesrest in Bali

Puri Agung Karangasem

Karangasem: Puri Agung Karangasem or Karangasem Palace is one of palaces exist in Amlapura Town east part of Bali owns the unique building architecture If we see from palace ichnography Puri Agung Karangasem o...Read more

Agung Pulaki Temple

Buleleng: Pulaki Temple is a Hindu shrine located in the hill bank and in front of the beautiful beach in north part of Bali It is one of the biggest Hindu temples in Bali situated in the coastal side west par...Read more

Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

Tabanan: Alas Kedaton is a small forest with the width about 67ha located in the middle of the rice field in Tabanan regency west part of Bali The total size of this forest temple and its supporter facilit...Read more

Art Center

Denpasar: Bali art center is located in abian Kapas Denpasar Bali two kilometers east of Denpasar It is consist of two story exhibition building and an open theater that can accommodate 5000 people The arch...Read more

Balangan Beach

Badung: Balangan Beach is located in Balangan Village Bukit Unggasan Jimbaran Bali It has a beautiful view of beach and a big wave good for surfing It is quite easy to reach the Balangan Beach where this ...Read more

Bali Denpasar Museum

Denpasar: Bali Museum Places of interest in Bali Denpasar TownBali Museum is strategically located in Major Wisnu Street in Denpasar Bali and it is find it due to the location is in the heart town In the nor...Read more

Bali West National Park

Buleleng: Bali West National Park is nature conservation with pure ecosystem managed by zone system for multiple research purpose involving the education tourism and recreation It is one of the national park ...Read more

Balian Beach

Tabanan: Balian is on the west road that travels to Medewi and Java GLand It is a great place to stop off and have a surf on your way to Medewi or Java About 15hrs after leaving Denpasar area you will ...Read more

Banjar Hot Water

Buleleng: Banjar Hot Water is a nature hot wellspring from the ground and it is believed can heal the disease Its water is accommodated at one small swimming pool encircled by unique rural nature its situatio...Read more

Banjra Sandhi Monument

Denpasar: Bajra Sandhi Monument is monument of Balinese People Struggle This Monument is recognized by the name of Bajra Sandhi because its form is looking like Bajra or Genta or bell used by all Hindu...Read more

Batubulan Village

Gianyar: Batubulan with Barong Dance Batubulan is an artistic countryside in west part of Gianyar regency The identity and image as an art village Batubulan has been famous in Indonesia and all over the worl...Read more

Bedugul Botanical Garden

Tabanan: Bedugul Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Eka Karya is the huge tropical garden located in Bedugul plateau area in Bali It is situated in the cool atmosphere with rain forest and hill surrounds it Thi...Read more

Beratan Lake At Bedugul

Tabanan: Beratan Lake is a shallow lake with the high caldera about 1231m above sea level and it is located at Bedugul the famous tourist destinations in Bali This lake have wide 38 km2 and also its deepne...Read more

Besakih Temple

Karangasem: Besakih Temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Bali which the local people call Pura Besakih It owns beautiful view from the top of temple area where we can see the wide nature panorama until to the o...Read more

Buyan Lake

Buleleng: Buyan Lake is a smallest lake in Bali located just a next door of Tamblingan Lake It is located in the plateau area with cool weather cover it It is situated in the high land with hill and rain fore...Read more

Candi Dasa Beach

Karangasem: Candidasa is located in hilly bank beside of the main road between Semarapura towns with Amlapura Karangasem It is situated about 50 km to east way from Denpasar town or 15 hour from Balis Inte...Read more

Canggu Beach

Badung: Canggu Beach is located 10 km western part of Denpasar Town and own beautiful beach with the black sand along the beach The big wave are easy to be found in this place and many surfer from local and...Read more

Celuk Village

Gianyar: Celuk Village is the famous village in Bali as a tourist destination cause of the local residents is very proactive and full of innovation to the gold and silver crafting This countryside is located ...Read more

Dalem Sakenan Temple

Denpasar: Based on the Purana Pura Sakenan compiled by Team Bali Cultural Office that the temple was used as a place Sakenan manners subak beg Gods blessing Where where they pleaded Sakenan Pura welfare As...Read more

Dreamland Beach

Badung: The Dream Land is the name of area where previously is designed as an elite resident It own a beautiful panorama and beach with he high wave and make this place is favorite for the surfers It is lo...Read more

Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah)

Gianyar: Welcome to Gua Gajah Elephant Cave which is located in west side of Bedulu countryside Blah Batuh Sub district and Gianyar Regency It is about 27 km from Denpasar town This cave is built at creva...Read more

Gitgit Waterfall

Buleleng: Gitgit Waterfall is a beautiful tourist destination in north part of Bali Gitgit waterfall is located in the plateau area with the height about 35 meters and it is surrounded by tropical tree and emi...Read more

Goa Garba an Ancient Cave

Gianyar: The information above was taken from the inscription in PengukurUkuran temple that located in banjar Samegunung Pejeng village Tampaksiring Gianyar Bali This inscription was become very import...Read more

Goa Lawah Temple

Klungkung: Gua Lawah or Bat Cave is one of favorite places of interest in Bali and it is located near of hilly bank so it is called reef of Middle hill This cave is located in Pasinggahan countryside Dawan sub...Read more

Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple

Gianyar: Gunung Kawi is a Hindu Temple complex with old omission from the stone era located in Gianyar regency Based on the inscription of Tengkulak A on 945 saka Balinese calendar which is released by Mara...Read more

Jimbaran Beach

Badung: Jimbaran beach and the famous Jimbaran Bay are located on Balis southwestern coast of the narrow isthmus connecting the Bali mainland and the Bukit Peninsula The beach and the bay of Jimbaran offers...Read more

Karma Beach Bali

Badung: Karma Beach Bali formerly Nammos Beach Club is part of Karma Kandaras main food and beverage outlets and entertainment venues set out as Balis most exclusive beach club The club features an ...Read more

Kehen Temple

Bangli: Kehen Temple is a beautiful Hindu temple located in foothills south part of Bangli Regency and it is about 45 Km from Denpasar town Inside of this temple are there is Panyimpenan Temple building ke...Read more

Keramas Beach

Gianyar: Keramas is a traditional beach break with rights and left world class waves that are powerful and fast but fun This break is more suited to experienced surfers Tides are best at mid and high tide ...Read more

Kertha Gosa

Klungkung: Kerta Gosa at Klungkung Semarapura Bali which is one of the famous tourism destinations in Bali and many visited by tourist everyday Kertha Gosa is located in the heart of Semarapura town and its na...Read more


Bangli: Kintamani is the most favorite tourist destinations in Bali with the active volcano of mount Batur and beautiful lake Kintamani is surrounded by the captivating nature and there are six ancient villa...Read more

Kumbasari Traditional Market

Denpasar: Denpasar Traditional Market is a center of towns economics which is located in Gajah Mada Street that is main road and become a shopping centre of Bali This traditional market is apposite to the vi...Read more

Kusamba Beach

Klungkung: Kusamba Beach is one of the favorite places of interest in Bali which is famous with the beautiful beach The boat line with the outrigger belong to the fisherman from countryside are decorating the b...Read more

Kuta Beach

Badung: Kuta Beach is a barometer of Bali Tourism has a beautiful panorama a long the beach and own the specific characteristic wave of Indian Ocean that is good for all surfer from the beginner until the p...Read more

Kuta Village

Badung: Kuta is the most famous tourist places in Bali It is famous with the spectacular white sandy beach several of hotels from luxury and until budget hotels are available hilarious nightlife plenty of...Read more

Lembah Tukad Melangit

Bangli: Various tourism potential latent in Bangli regency began to appear Since the last few months some of the places that had rarely visited suddenly crowded into a tourist spot One was a selfie exciti...Read more

Lovina Beach

Buleleng: Lovina is one of the famous tourist places in north part of Bali which own beautiful of calm sea water blackish chromatic sand and the sea with its dolphin One of the favorite fascinations in Lovina...Read more

Mas Village

Gianyar: Mas Village Bali Wood Carving Mas Village is one of villages in Bali fundamentally identified as an artistic countryside by focusing in artistic of wood carving Mas Village is located in Ubud sub di...Read more

Medewi Beach

Jembrana: Medewi Beach is one of the surfing beaches in the west of Bali that is famous with the beach and good wave for surfing Hotel and restaurant are also available in this place to serve every visitor wh...Read more

Menjangan Island

Buleleng: As a part of Bali Barat National Park Menjangan Island is well known for its magnificent underwater world beautiful coral reefs found nearby and the best site for fishing Another attraction of the...Read more

Nusa Dua Beach

Badung: Nusa Dua is an elite resort area with international five star hotels and resorts existing on the costal side in south part of Bali It is located in Badung Regency and about 25 minutes drive from Bali...Read more

Nusa Dua Village

Badung: Nusa Dua is an elite resort area with international five star hotels and resorts existing on the costal side in south part of Bali It is located in Badung Regency and about 25 minutes drive from Bali...Read more

Nyang-nyang Beach

Badung: NyangNyang break is on the old Uluwatu road Look for the NyangNyang Hotel It is a well known break and most people can direct you to the break When you reach the break you will need to go down ...Read more

Padang - Padang Beach

Badung: Padang Padang Beach is located 25 km southern part of Denpasar Town or 25 minutes drives from Bali s International Airport It has a beautiful beach with white sand along the coastal The surfing...Read more

Pandawa Beach

Badung: Bali Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village South Kuta District Badung Regency around 3 km from the famous Nusa Dua area and Uluwatu Temple In the past this beach was hidden behind hill so it ...Read more

Pasar Sukawati

Gianyar: Sukawati Art MarketSpending a nice holiday on the island of Paradise is full of endless experience This tiny island has so many treasures and challenging adventure to explore See the unique...Read more

Pasar Ubud

Gianyar: Ubud Market is located opposite Ubud Palace and is open from 0800 to 1700 Its another place where you can get beautiful pashminas silk scarves in various colours and sizes lightweight shi...Read more

Penatahan Water Spring

Tabanan: Tabanan Hot Water is one of tourist destinations in Tabanan regency west part of Bali it is about 15 minutes from Tabanan town and close to Batukaru Temple It is set on the hill bank and the river ...Read more

Penglipuran Village

Bangli: Penglipuran Village is a traditional countryside owning unique characteristic life socializing and culture It is located in Kubu Village Bangli Sub district and Bangli Regency The natural nature ...Read more

Perancak Temple

Jembrana: Purancak Temple is also mentioning as Pura Perancak situated in the coastal area right at Purancak Countryside Negara sub district and Jembrana Regency In order to reach the location of this temple ...Read more

Ponjok Batu Temple

Buleleng: Ponjok Batu Temple is a stone temple where all temple buildings are made from stone It is located Banjar Alasari Pacung countryside Tejakula sub district and Singaraja regency about 24 km eastside ...Read more

Pucak Penulisan Temple

Bangli: Bukit Penulisan Penulisan hill is located at 1745m above sea level approximately 3km from Kintamani or 30km from the capital city of Bangli Bukit Penulisan is also called Bukit Tunggal because it...Read more

Pura Agung Jagatnatha

Denpasar: Jagatnatha Temple is a Hindu Temple located in the center of Denpasar town It is precisely located in Major Wisnu street eastside field of Puputan Badung This temple is categorized as Kahyangan Temp...Read more

Puri Lukisan or Painting Museum

Gianyar: Panting Museum is located about 200 meters from Puri Saren Ubud Palace and it is dissociated by dell climb a piece of wide plain with beautiful view It is situated in calm and peaceful area of Ubu...Read more

Rambut Siwi Temple

Jembrana: Rambut Siwi Temple is one of the biggest Hindu Temples in Bali located in Negara regency west part of Bali It is a beautiful Hindu shrine set in the cliff bank with wide Indian Ocean just in front o...Read more

Sangeh Monkey Forest

Badung: Sangeh is a small fertile monkey forest dwelling by the group of monkeys It is located in Sangeh countryside Badung Regency north part of Denpasar town It is one of tourist destinations in Bali wh...Read more

Sanur Beach

Denpasar: Sanur Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach with calm and warm seawater located in east part of Denpasar Town The beach location in eastside and south part of Sanur Village is an edge of Indonesia O...Read more

Serangan Beach

Denpasar: Serangan Beach is located 5 km southern part of Denpasar Town and the beach it self is located at Serangan Island that has been exploited and designed as a resort area however the projects are delay...Read more

Subak Museum

Tabanan: Subak Museum is a museum colleting the Balinese traditional agriculture tools and old documentation to remind all young generation about Subak Organization which has famous in the world It is located...Read more

Sukasada Ujung Water Palace

Karangasem: Taman Sukasada or Sukasada Park is a beautiful park with big fish pond surrounds the old Karangasem Empire heritage building which is used by the Karangasems King for day relaxation or meeting place ...Read more

Suluban Uluwatu Beach

Badung: Uluwatu is well known as a tourism destination because of it temple Uluwatu it self also has a beautiful beach with the high wave and good for the surfer Many surfers have experienced in this beach...Read more

Taman Ayun Temple

Badung: Taman Ayun Temple is a Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire and it is located in Mengwi Village Mengwi sub district Badung regency and about 18 Km north side of Denpasar town It is strategically located b...Read more

Taman Tirta Gangga

Karangasem: Tirta Gangga is a beautiful park with the huge water fountain and wide pond located at Abang Subdistrict Karangasem Regency in east part of Bali Tirta Gangga Park is built in the year of 1948 by th...Read more

Tamblingan Lake

Buleleng: Beautiful view of Buyan LakeTamblingan Lake is a lake located in the plateau area with green hill surrounded It is situated adjunction to Buyan Lake with cool weather surrounds it It owns the fascin...Read more

Tanah Lot Temple

Tabanan: Tanah Lot Temple is located in coastal side of Beraban countryside Kediri sub district and Tabanan Regency It is situated in 30 Km in west side of Denpasar town and about 11 Km in south side of Taba...Read more

Tenganan Village

Karangasem: Tenganan Village is one of the oldest Balinese Traditional located in Karangasem Regency east part of Bali This village is much referred by cultural literature science of Tenganan Pegringsingan whi...Read more

Tirta Empul - Tampak Siring Temple

Gianyar: Tirta Empul Temple or Tampak Siring Temple is a holy spring water temple located in Tampak Siring Village Gianyar regency and it is about 39 km eastwards from Denpasar town It is set in the dale and...Read more

Trunyan Village

Bangli: The small boat rocked precariously as I scrambled out onto the rickety wooden landing stage and walked the few meters to the entrance of the tiny cemetery Shrouded by the broad canopy and trailing...Read more

Ubud Monkey Forest

Gianyar: Ubud Monkey Forest is a small rain forest dwelt by some group of monkeys and other tropical animals It is strategically located in the hearth of Ubud Village precisely located in the region of Padan...Read more

Ubud Palace - Puri Saren

Gianyar: Puri Saren Ubud Ubud Palace is an Ubud Kingdom Palace with beautiful Balinese traditional houses as a residence of Ubud King It is set in the center of Ubud Bali with traditional art market just in...Read more

Ubud Village

Gianyar: Ubud Village is a traditional village supervising 13 Banjar group of community and 6 custom countryside It is located in Ubud sub district Gianyar Regency and about 20 km from Denpasar Town Ubud ...Read more

Ulun Danu Batur Temple

Bangli: Ulun Danu Batur Temple it was located at the foot of Mount Batur Due to the violent eruption of Mount Batur in 1926 the temple was rebuilt and moved along with the villagers to the highest rim wher...Read more

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Tabanan: Ulun Danu Temple is a Balinese Hindu Temple located at Candi Kuning countryside Baturiti sub district and Tabanan regency The distance from Denpasar town is about 50 km north side the way from Denpa...Read more

Uluwatu Temple

Badung: Uluwatu Temple is a Hindu temple set on the cliff bank in south part of Bali Peninsula It is one of Sad Kahyangan Temple in Bali six big groups of Bali Temples located in Pecatu Village Sub distr...Read more

Watukaru Or Batukaru Temple

Tabanan: Luhur Watukaru temple or Pura Batukaru is one of the biggest Hindu Temples in Bali Sad Kahyangan with Catur Lokapala Temple and Padmabhuwana Temple status It is set in the plateau area with lush tr...Read more


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